Apartment Tour

As we promised in our previous post, we finally put together a photo tour of our apartment. It is located in the heart of historic district and everything seems to be right around the corner. Our apartment-mates are Mimi, Cait, Kim, and Emma. We all seem to be getting alone just fine! Tonight we are hosting other API students for a potluck. As you’ll see later in this post we have an amazing terrace with a breathtaking view. We thought we would start with pictures of our room. We were surprised with the size of the room and beds. We were expecting both to be much smaller. Rebecca’s bed is on the right and Rachel’s is on the left.
IMG_6798We each have a nice sized closet to ourselves.

From this angle, you can see our dresser, fan, and space where we apply makeup. Notice the disabled air conditioner… Although the days get up in the 80’s nights aren’t too bad with the fan blowing on us and the window open. Our room is away from the other two rooms and is very quiet at night.


Below is the bathroom we use. Our apartment has a total of 3 bathrooms (2 full and one half). This bathroom is right outside of our room.


Our dining room is pretty big. Although we haven’t used it much yet, it’ll be nice to have!

Walking out of the dining room you’ll see a common area. This is where the best wifi is! Straight ahead is another bedroom and on the right is our kitchen.

Compared to other apartments, our kitchen is rather small. We have a pretty small fridge and tiny freezer, a little sink, an oven, and a 4 gas burning stove. We have to do dishes by hand.

Walking out of our kitchen door, you’ll find our washing machine (its not GE..) We don’t have a dryer so we have to hang-dry our clothes. We have yet to do a load so we will have to update you all once that happens!

Stepping out of the kitchen into the common room you saw before, you’ll find a staircase that leads to our favorite part of the apartment!

Right up the stairs is another bathroom

And some more common area. To the far right is a door that leads to a rooftop terrace.


This is where we like to eat dinner, hangout and talk, and eventually do homework. The breeze feels wonderful and you can’t beat this view. For those of you who have not been to Florence, this is the Duomo.

Here is another angle of our terrace.


We hope you enjoyed checking out our apartment!



One thought on “Apartment Tour

  1. Rebecca I think your apartment is going to suit you girls needs. I think it looks very nice.. I had an idea with your laundry. I think you could put on hangers or drape your undies over the railing like I would do. as a grandma would. Only kidding. I know you will make do and again what a wonderful experience. Good luck in class Monday. Always praying for you. Love, Grandma


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